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solaris 8 ELF problem

Hi all,

Can anyone explain why does ldap tools like ldapadd ldapmodify etc
bail out with the following error:
# ldapadd: Cannot find ELF
# Killed
# ldappasswd: Cannot find ELF
Still libldap works just fine
i compiled from source and my system is ultrasparc2i+solaris8+gcc-2.95.3+Sun 
I'll try to build gnu binutils but the last time i tried to do this 
they(binutils) have failed to create the right code (binutils-2.11) for 
if you just pointed me to a web page, faq, manual it would be just fine (but 
please consider that i've read manuals that come with openldap-2.0.11.tar.gz)

thanks in advance