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Re: NULL base suffix

Using suffix "" is experimental but, I gather, works fine in 2.0.11
(or maybe OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 is needed). 

At 10:25 AM 2001-08-27, Serikstad, Kevin (CCI-Atlanta) wrote:
>Hi All,
>Does anyone use OpenLDAP as a root directory server with an "ldbm"
>backend. I'm attempting to do this so that customer accounts used for
>web hosting and e-mail addresses with various domain components can be
>provisioned without needing to reconfigure slapd when new domain
>components appear.
>In other words, I'd like to be able to setup slapd.conf with a null base
>suffix ""
>For some reason, I have seen many messages where someone says you don't
>want to do this, but many commercial products I work with do. InterMail
>KX, for example, uses the Sleepy Cat Berkeley DB (ldbm) in this fashion
>as do I, but a null suffix does not appear to work for me. Netscape
>allows it as well.
>Anyone have any thoughts?
>Kevin Serikstad