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Re: objectClass Description - Adding to the MAY Clause

At 06:28 PM 2001-08-27, Chuck Coker wrote:
>RFC 2252 section 4.4 states:
>"An object class definition should not be changed without having a new
>identifier assigned to it."
>and later on I decide that I want expand the MAY clause to allow firstName
>and lastName, can I just add them to the definition or would I need to
>create a completely new objectClass?

You are not obligated to follow the RFC 2252 recommendation.

>On a related matter, RFC 2252 section 4.4 states later:
>"These are described as sample values for the subschema "objectClasses"
>attribute for a server which implements the LDAP schema. While lines have
>been folded for readability, the values transferred in protocol would not
>contain newlines."
>Does that mean that my objectClass definition should be all on one line like

No.  It means the descriptions are folded in the document.  You
may also fold descriptions provided via slapd.conf(5).  In both
cases, the folding should not appear on the wire.

>objectClass ( NAME 'tyrellPerson' DESC 'Tyrell
>Software Corp. Person' SUP top STRUCTURAL MUST ( tyrellUserId $
>tyrellPassword ) MAY ( displayName ) )
>or does that mean that the protocol will ignore newlines


>and a definition like the top one would be okay in the schema file?


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