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OpenLdap stalls periodically.

Hi all,

I'm hoping to get some feedback so that we can fix a problem we're seeing
with our installation of the OpenLdap server. We have OpenLdap v2.0.11
running on RedHat Linux v6.1. We have a few client apps that access the
directory server.

Occasionally, the server will simply stop responding to LDAP requests. A
listing of the slapd processes shows that slapd is indeed running but not
taking any cpu cycles. Even tools like ldapsearch will just hang. The server
will accept an LDAP connection from a client but not respond to the client's

Netstat shows some data in the read queue of the tcp connection. In all
cases, a restart of the server fixes the problem. But in looking at the logs
I noticed that on one such occassion the server was not restarted and it
finally began responding to ldap requests on it's own. The time interval for
which the server did not respond was approximately 15 minutes. It could be a
little longer but it was about 15 minutes from the time we noticed that it
had stopped responding.

Has anyone ever seen this problem? Any idea what's causing the server to
behave this way?

Thanks in advance.