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2 things

1)  Who's the list maintainer?  I need to get a second address removed, I'm
getting duplicate emails.  My company changed it's email so and it's
filtered on the mailserver so I can't unsubscribe from the original email
without causing alot of bounces and spam the hard way.

2)  I've found directory-administrator and web2ldap.  I'm getting some grief
from both of them so I'm wondering if there's a better alternative someone
like, preferably that's simple as I'm still getting my feet wet here.  

For directory-administrator I create my profile but I don't know what to put
as my 
"search base".  I go to add a groups and users, but it doesn't give me any
options of an "organizational unit" and I can't find a place to set one.
When I create my profile I can test the connection it looks good, but when I
go to add my user it says it can't talk to the ldap server.

For web2ldap, well I'm having alot of python issues and about to just remove

Is there anyone who can help with these or something else?  Possibly offline
and I'll summarize when done?