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Re: Index files with LDBM

On another note about index files, I've found that manually generating
an index file using slapindex generates an index file that is smaller
than one generated normally with ldapadd (importing the entire directory
from LDIF). I import the entire directory which creates the index files
listed in the slapd.conf which creates the first file listed below. I
then stop the server, remove the index file and generate the new one
using slapindex producing the second file listed below (tried slapindex
-f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf & slapindex -b 'myrootdn' -f
/etc/openldap.slapd.conf). I've tested this using both gdbm & Berkeley
DB3 for the backend which produce the same results.

attr1.dbb        8404992 (ldapadd)
attr1.dbb        8237056 (slapindex)

After I restart slapd and test the directory, the index *seems* to
function properly.

Am I wrong to assume that slapindex should generate a db index file
equal in size to that generated by ldapadd?? Does ldapadd embed more
information into the index files for some reason?



On Sat, 2001-08-25 at 10:02, Harsha Reddy wrote:
> Hi,
> When I add an index for an attribute, attrX.
> ldap_search_ext() does not return an objects.
> I use slapindex to generate the index file.
> If I stop the slapd and delete the index file for the
> attribute attrX, ldap_search_ext() returns the proper results.
> Does anyone know if index files work with ldbm?
> Thanks,
> Harsha