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Re: user management with ldap - tools


> I am curious as to what everyone is doing about user management with
> ldap. I have it all set up and I know how to convert my current
> passwd/shadow files for ldap but how are you people maintaining this
> ldap?  Are there any good ldap user administration tools out there?
> Webmin has a few but they are either very poor, for netscape ldap, or
> are not meant to be 'user managers'.

I'm using LDAP Administration Super Tool which you can find at 
http://freshmeat.net/redir/last/5528/url_homepage/ . It is highly 
customizable, through templates, where you define attributes, check controls, 
and even can add java script to automatically fill some fields. You can also 
define which attributes are mandatory, and which are not. I'm using 0.7 beta, 
but there is also 0.8 beta in which you can define who can modify which 
attributes. Unfortunatelly there isn't a great deal of documentation for 0.8 
beta, which a schame, since it looks like a very promising tool.

Jacek Bochenek
"Smile, tomorrow will be worse!"