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Additive Loglevel

Hi ,

Can anyone help me in this, How can I specify multiple loglevel .
I have tried every loglevel available , and every loglevel is populating or reacting differently. Is there any way that I can specify 2 to 3 loglevel together , i mean to say multiple loglevel together so that I am able to setup my logfile according to my needs.
One thing more and ie I had specified different Log file in my syslog.conf like this


#local4.err                                     /var/log/ldaperr.log
#local4.debug                                   /var/log/ldapdbug.log
#local4.notice                                  /var/log/ldapnote.log
#local4.alert                                   /var/log/ldapalrt.log

but everytime when I run a command only one file is getting populated
ie in this case the
file is being populated every time

Please if anybody has solutions to these problems plz help me out

Thanx and regards

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