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Re: Using OpenLDAP with iPlanet

First of all, do you really mean Netscape DS (NS DS) V4.1, or some other
V4.1 server, like eCommerce, eMail, calendar, ..? V5.0 of (Netscape) DS
is named "iPlanet": iP DS.

"cannot insert any users": into OpenLDAP, into NS DS v4.1? What is
attempting to perform the user insert, and into what? How are you trying
to 'insert ... users' (DS-DS replication, application-DS LDAP functions,

iPlanet DS V5.0 and NS DS V4.1 have their schemas in different
locations. NS DS V4.1 puts them in:

        <NS DS home>/<NS DS instance>/config

iPlanet DS V5.0 puts its schema definitions in LDIFv2 files in:

	<iP DS home><iP DS instance>/config/schema

Other iPlanet servers which have schema definitions: ???

You need to determine the schema definitions required for the "users"
that you are trying to "insert" and then see if the objectclass and
attribute definitions already exist in an OpenLDAP V2 schema file.
Otherwise, you will need to create your own 'local' schema file with the
required objectclass and attribute definitions for the "users" in

You may need to do some 'translation' between whatever schema
definitions that you find for your non-OpenLDAP service, and what is
required for OpenLDAP V2 (see Admin Guide at www.openldap.org).

If you are trying to migrate data from NS/iP DS to OpenLDAP, then you
can dump the database to an LDIF file, and edit it to match what is
required for OpenLDAP. You can replicate between NS/iP DS and OpenLDAP,
but that requires some changes on the OpenLDAP side to prepare for.

You can then use LDAPADD or LDAPMODIFY to insert object changes into the
DS which needs them (or NS DS Admin Server for NS/iP DS).

On 23 Aug, Ian Prowell wrote:
> I am trying to use iPlanet 4.1 with Openldap 2.0.7.  I am able to get
> iPlanet to connect to the OpenLDAP server, but cannot insert any users.  It
> seems like I do not have the appropriate schema for iPlanet.  Where can I
> find information about finding and loading the schema needed for iPlanet to
> work?  I have done some searching around and cannot find out what schema I
> need to load or how to load it.