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separate databases

I'm playing a bit with openldap and I wonder if I'm doing the following
thing is the right way:

I have dc=lucassen,dc=org

Because I want to create databases by creating ldif files (shell
scripts), I want to create separate databases e.g.:


All databases will have their own /var/lib/ldap/<subdomain> directory.

This works, but I noticed that in this case it is impossible to have a
"dc=lucassen,dc=org" database, because all subdomain entries will be
merged into the "dc=lucassen,dc=org" database instead of the subdomain

Q: Is this the right way to get separate databases or is there a better
way to do this?

I also noticed that each database declaration in slapd.conf needs their
own "Manager" lines:
rootdn          "cn=Manager,dc=internal,dc=lucassen, dc=org"
rootpw          {crypt}blahblahblah

Q: Is there a way to have just one super-user declaration in slapd.conf
that is valid for all databases in slapd.conf?


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