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Re: How to construct an OID?

It's pretty much personal preference.  First of all, remember that things
other than your ldap schema will be under your OID tree.

For example, you may want to do something like this:

enterprises.10569.1 = enterprises.yourcompany.ldapschema

enterprises.10569.1.1 = enterprises.yourcompany.ldapschema.attributes

enterprises.10569.1.1.1 = ...enterprises.yourcompany.ldapschema.attributes.attribute1

enterprises.10569.1.2 = enterprises.yourcompany.ldapschema.objectclasses

enterprises.10569.1.2.1 = enterprises.yourcompany.ldapschema.objectclasses.objectclass1

Then... if you needed to later:

enterprises.10569.2 = enterprises.yourcompany.snmpoids

And of course anything else that needs an OID can fit into this as well.
Remember that an attribute isn't neccessarily tied to just one


On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Chuck Coker wrote:

> I received a IANA Private Enterprise Number, 10569, but now I am not sure
> how to construct a proper OID.
> Would I start with as the top of my "personal" tree? And
> then build my hierarchy below that? For example,
>      Item 1
>    Item 1, Sub-Item 1
>    Item 1, Sub-Item 2
>      Item 2
>      Item 3
> Thanks,
> Chuck Coker