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RE: setting up qmail, imapd, and ldap authentication

I'd like to see some documentation as well.  I'm running FreeBSD and about
to give setting up authentication a shot.  Anyone on this list who has it
setup and working that could share some tips like this ....


...would be greatly appreciated.  I'd also like to know where nss_ldap comes
into the picture as well.

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Subject: setting up qmail, imapd, and ldap authentication

anyone know where I can find documentation on steps to get this to work in
redhat 7.0?

One problem seems to be what should be in /etc/pam.d/login to get ldap to
do authentication instead of just pam.

When I go back to the original /etc/pam.d/login the imapd works fine.

lpadadd and lpadsearch work just fine.

Where does nss_ldap have to come into the picture?


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