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RE: OpenLDAP+kerboros -> win2k AD

An easier URL for the Kerberos Interoerability is as follows:


Good luck,

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From: Pontus Fred [mailto:pfred@cc.hut.fi]
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 8:57 AM
To: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.com
Subject: OpenLDAP+kerboros -> win2k AD

I'm having troubles with setting up a Linux RedHat 7.1 machine as a
ldap-client using ldapsearch with kerberos autenthication for accessing
win2k Active Directory.

I'we tried to search the archives for a solution for my problem but I
have't found one. I only know that it should be possible (at least
according to http://diswww.mit.edu:8008/menelaus.mit.edu/kerberos/14603).

I'm using MIT Kerberos V which ought to be set up right while kinit gets a
tiket from the Windows KDC.

Trying to use ldapsearch -k gives this error message:
ldap_bind: Not Supported

The man pages only say that OpenLDAP needs to be compiled with kerberos
support for the -k option to work, but not how it should be done. I'we
compiled with --with-kerberos but it doesn't help. I can't really see that
it should be the win2k AD that doesn't support kerberos.

I have a feeling this shouldn't be this hard. Have I just not been able to
find the right docs?


Pontus Fred