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AW: AW: aix 4.3.3. & openldap-2.0.11 & getaddrinfo


i found a other interesting stuff:

on http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/aix/date.html IBM provides rpm packages for
AIX 4.3.3/5L, also openldap-2.0.7. first you must install the rpm.rte and
then you can install packages like under linux (rpm -i openldap-2.0.7). The
problem is, on my machine with AIX 4.3.3 ML 7, i got exactly the same error
messages (getaddrinfo ...), but i think IBM have tested the package, there
must a general Problem. And i'm not alone with these problem, i found many
questions, a lot of site and only some solutions for these problem.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Holger Koch

Holger Koch (COM)
bei Dresdner Bank AG
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Betreff: Re: AW: aix 4.3.3. & openldap-2.0.11 & getaddrinfo

On Mon, Aug 20, 2001 at 05:17:11PM +0200, Koch, Holger wrote:
> thank you for your message, i found nearly the same solution on a website.
> now it works fine.

I wonder why getaddrinfo() doesn't work properly on AIX though, there
was an issue with AIX many months ago which I think we solved. Would
be nice if someone with access to AIX could do further research. Is
4.3.3 a recent release?