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Re: Hi all. - sorry off topic

>I've just downloaded binutils from sunfreeware.com. And the result is :
>really frustrating. I can't compile any so-files correctely even if I
>indicate --with-gnu-ld. And this time it is really gnu-ld
>GNU ld version 2.11.2 (with BFD 2.11.2).
>But this time theres is no more symbol not found : __eprintf; It is
>magically gone. But all the ber_xxx things are still in the ldd -r
>libldap.so list.
>Perhaps there is no important relationship between gnu gcc & gnu ld. I am
>not an expert just a frustrated solaris-user.
>Does anyone here ever have successfully compiled any libraries under Solaris
>8 ?

__eprintf is found in libgcc, so a simple -lgcc when compiling takes care of it.

The ber_ symbols could be caused by the way you are linking.  The libldap that 
comes with Solaris doesn't need liblber, but the openldap libldap needs liblber.

Using gcc 2.95.x you don't need binutils, but from my experience gcc 3 does need 
the gnu binutils.  I've compiled openldap both ways.

Why bother with ldd on a library?  As long as the application can find all the 
libraries it needs it doesn't matter if the libraries can't.