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Re: A License Question (OpenLDAP & GPL/LGPL code)

On Sun, Aug 19, 2001 at 10:28:22PM -0700, Logan Parthipan wrote:

> Openldap license allows binary distribution. But since
> the build seems to link regex (which is under GPL) can
> the resulting libraries be actually used in a binary
> distribution?

If your operating environment provides regex.h via a GPL'ed
library, then you might have trouble. But I don't know of any
such operating environment. Even on most Linux distributions, 
which use the GNU version of libc nowadays, the software that
provides libc/regex is released under the LGPL. And at first
glance, the LGPL seems compatible with a no-source distribution
of OpenLDAP. Anyhow, you ought to determine whether you're
linking against GPL or LGPL code (or both) so you examine the
relevant license.