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RE: user management with ldap - tools

Yes, I saw that one.  I think its great but I have poor windows-dependant
user admins. :)
So, I have taken a liking to webmin with the ldap-users module.  The only
problem I see with that
idea is that it only does users, not groups.  Would be very easy to
implement however.  Another problem
I found when searching for this was that a lot of web tools did not do md5
or crypt passwds.  ldap-users
does however.  It seems like a lot of work is being done, just some holes
need to be filled as far as features
and functionality.

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On Sunday, 19. August 2001 04:57, Terry Davis wrote:
> Hello,
> I am curious as to what everyone is doing about user management with
> ldap. I have it all set up and I know how to convert my current
> passwd/shadow files for ldap but how are you people maintaining this
> ldap?  Are there any good ldap user administration tools out there?
> Webmin has a few but they are either very poor, for netscape ldap, or
> are not meant to be 'user managers'.
> I am really tempted to write my own but I don't want to if I don't have
> to.......  :)
> Thank you all for any input,

There is a GTK tool named Directory administrator
(http://www.usm.edu.ec/~amadorm/directoryadmin/) written by Manuel Amador
(amador@alomega.com). It does only simple authentication (no SASL), but
otherwise it has everything to maintain users.

Stephan Siano

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