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Re: Openldap and Solaris 8

>If you use the ldap_cachemgr software, your ldap requests will not
>directly map the nss_ldap library.  This can also be accomplished to some
>extent with nscd.  If nscd or ldap_cachemgr is running, you're probably

As I understand it, in its present incarnation ldap_cachemgr caches
the LDAP profile information (configuration file) not actual results
fromhe LDAP server.
>pretty safe.  The biggest problem that I had with the PADL version was
>with failover capabilities.  The Sun nss_ldap module deals with down LDAP
>servers quite a bit better than PADL (keep in mind that i did this testing
>quite some time ago).

nss_ldap-168 might improve this a bit when linked against OpenLDAP
by supporting the LDAP_OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT option (configure it with

Also, we have our own ldapclient implementation at ftp.padl.com.

However, there is always a good reason to use Sun's nss_ldap modules:
they are supported by Sun. The NSS subsystem on Solaris is completely
undocumented and using a 3rd-party module apparently makes your 
Solaris system unsupported by Sun (although we do offer support for
our module).


-- Luke
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