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Re: make error: set_malloc

Vincent Bonamy wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> > Rachel Chew wrote:
> > > What could be the problem with 'set_malloc'. Please reply soon.
> Thank you very
> > > much.
> >
> > Check the archives and the ITS system. You cannot
> > use 3.3.11 with OpenLDAP yet.
> I think not, I think you can. You should replace set_malloc with
> set_alloc.
> See in the doc of sleepycat !!

I mean: not as is. However, while set_malloc simply set the "malloc"
routine, the set:alloc requires one to set simultaneously the "malloc", 
"realloc" and "free" routines. So the change is a bit more complicated,
and as OpenLDAP may use internal memory allocation code, it is not
as straightforward as you may assume.


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