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Re: export ldif???

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Andrew C. Altepeter wrote:

> Ok...
> Tried a few more things, and (as seems to be the usual),
> when I used ldapadd w/ serveraccess: xyz abc,
> ldapadd adds it exactly like that.  (I did exactly the same thing a few
> days before, and I even had it in a script, and it added two serverAccess
> fields, one for each, the way it needs to be so I can log into the
> machines.)
> Now, using gq, I can get two serverAccess fields, and using ldapModify, I
> am allowed to do this as well, yet ldapAdd doesn't like this format.
> Any way around this?
> Andy

You probably need to change the definition for 'serverAccess' in your
schema file.  Compare it with something like 'host' which will allow


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