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standard schema

Hi all,
	A book I am reading on LDAP recommends using existing, published,
schema where possible, instead of re-creating "custom" schema for

	I have a couple questions regarding this.  Is there a standard
attributetype that is used to contain email addresses?  (I didn't see
anything specifically in core.schema, though i sort of expected
something that basic to be there.)  Is there an objectclass in existence
that would do a good job of representing an "academicPerson"?  Surely, I
could do this myself by extending organizationalPerson to add a required
email attributetype, a faculty/student/staff attributetype (or maybe
objectclass?) and a few other entries, but it seems like someone would
probably have already done something like this.  Where does one go to
look for published "standard" schema?

	thanx much in advance,