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Re: Openldap Testimonials ?

>>Yes I agree this is all hardware dependant since openldap runs on 
>>pretty much any Unix but Netscape DS only runs on solaris. 
>>Can anyone related their experiences running openldap with greater 
>>then 20k or 30k entries? We are planning on using it for single sign 
>>on essentially.
>And, HOW exactly are you planning to do 'single signon' with it?
>Last time I looked around, a few months ago, LDAP does NOT let you
>authenticate users logging onto an M$windows box. You need kerberos for
>that. Has this changed?


Samba 2.2.1a + LDAP support.  Handles WinY2k clients.  I don't know if it is
"single signon" but it certainly is "single password".