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OpenLDAP and SSL


I've configured my LDAP server (2.0.11) to work with SSL
(used OpenSSL to create the necessary certificates and keyfile)

Can I use the Netscape C SDK to write a client application that works with
SSL and OpenLDAP?
How do I create this cert7.db?
Is there a tool for it?
In case of certificate based client authentication, how do I create this key

Thanks in advance for you help!!!!


if ( ldapssl_client_init( "cert7.db", NULL ) < 0) {
printf( "Failed to initialize SSL client...\n" );
return( 1 );
/* get a handle to an LDAP connection */
if ( (ld = ldapssl_init( LDAPSERVER, LDAPS_PORT, 1 )) == NULL
	perror( "ldapssl_init" );
	return( 1 );