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openldap not logging

in an earlier post, i asked why i was seeing no logging in the messages
logfile, and recently other people have asked also, so i think i'm not

sitting down and trying a bunch of things, out of desparation i finally
tried to force the local4 logs into a different file, and voila, logging

i'm using redhat-7.1; starting to regret my redhat decision, but it was
made so many years ago.

anyway, to anyone else having problems, add the following line to your
/etc/syslog.conf file:

  local4.*     /var/log/ldap.log

or, chose your own file.

is this expected behaviour?  i was under the impression that the localX
stuff went to messages, UNLESS sent elsewhere explicitly.  but it looks
like (here at least) that it is simply ignored by default.

now, to try and figure out why the TLS stuff seems so unstable for

hope this helps,