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Re: get all possible attributes of one objectclass


I have developed a simple web-based admininistration tool. I can deal with
the schema processing, i.e., get all objectcalsses, get all attributes, get
all attributes of some object,
get the definition(OID,SINGLe/MULTI,SYNTAX) of some attribute and so on.
I am based on Netscape-Java SDK, and it works well fo OpenLDAP2.X and
Netscape-LDAP 4.x.
So, you can try to find the Netscape JAVA SDK to support your work. In my
opinion, the Java packages
provided by Netscape is very powerful on schema processing.

Shih-Chang Wang
Associate Researcher
Internet & Multimedia Application Tech. Lab.
ChungHwa Telecom Laboratories
E-MAIL: purewang@cht.com.tw
TEL: 03-4245340
FAX: 03-4201244
±H¥óªÌ: Julio Sanchez Fernandez <j_sanchez@stl.es>
¦¬¥óªÌ: Marcel Bruch <bruch.m@dni.de>
°Æ¥»§Û°e: Gary Williams <Gary.Williams@sas.com>; Pierangelo Masarati
<masarati@aero.polimi.it>; openldap-software
¤é´Á: 2001¦~8¤ë13¤é AM 03:59
¥D¦®: Re: get all possible attributes of one objectclass

Marcel Bruch <bruch.m@dni.de> writes:

> Thanks a lot for all these informations.
> maybe I can find a way to develop an server-extension with the requested
> functions. Perhaps it isn愒 as difficult as it seems to be...

Look for draft-ietf-ldapext-matchedval-05.txt, it does what you want,
I think.

I expired last month, but you can get it at doc/drafts in cvs HEAD.