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Bad filter?


Can anybody tell me what's wrong with the following filter:


I really have no idea, but when I try it using ldapsearch, or through
PerLDAP, I get the following in the slapd logs:

Aug 10 14:20:37 grumbler slapd[31937]: conn=6 op=1 SRCH
base="ou=Users,o=CGDI" scope=2 filter="(&(objectClass=cgdiuser)(badfilter))"

I tried running full debug mode, but didn't see anyting more usefull appear
... This filter is implemented using PerLDAP, and used to work fine against
the Netscape DS 4.1 ...

the cgdiregistersecret is defined as:

attributetype ( cgdiregistersecret-oid NAME 'cgdiregistersecret' SYNTAX SINGLE-VALUE )

and is part of the cgdiuser objectclass (I checked :)

It doesn't work if I just use (cgdiregistersecret=2B79D7841929B28D) as a
filter either!  And I allways get a bad flter error even if I make the value
just 2 or 3 characters long.

Here is the output of ldapsearch with -d 9 :

put_filter "(&(objectclass=cgdiuser)(cgdiregistersecret=2B79D7841929B28D))"
put_filter: AND
put_filter "(objectclass=cgdiuser)"
put_filter: simple
put_simple_filter "objectclass=cgdiuser"
put_filter "(cgdiregistersecret=2B79D7841929B28D)"
put_filter: simple
put_simple_filter "cgdiregistersecret=2B79D7841929B28D"
ber_flush: 99 bytes to sd 3
ldap_result msgid -1
ldap_chkResponseList for msgid=-1, all=0
ldap_chkResponseList returns NULL
wait4msg (infinite timeout), msgid -1
wait4msg continue, msgid -1, all 0
** Connections:
* host: grumbler.ccrs.nrcan.gc.ca  port: 636  (default)
  refcnt: 2  status: Connected
  last used: Fri Aug 10 14:41:05 2001

** Outstanding Requests:
 * msgid 2,  origid 2, status InProgress
   outstanding referrals 0, parent count 0
** Response Queue:
ldap_chkResponseList for msgid=-1, all=0
ldap_chkResponseList returns NULL
read1msg: msgid -1, all 0
ber_get_next: tag 0x30 len 12 contents:
ldap_read: message type search-result msgid 2, original id 2
ber_scanf fmt ({iaa) ber:
read1msg:  0 new referrals
read1msg:  mark request completed, id = 2
request 2 done
res_errno: 0, res_error: <>, res_matched: <>
ldap_free_request (origid 2, msgid 2)
ldap_free_connection: refcnt 1
# search result
search: 2
ber_scanf fmt ({iaa) ber:
ber_scanf fmt (}) ber:
result: 0 Success

Any ideas?

Thanks again as allways :)

Jean-François Doyon
Internet Service Development and Systems Support
GeoAccess Division
Canadian Center for Remote Sensing
Natural Resources Canada
Phone: (613) 992-4902
Fax: (613) 947-2410