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Re: System auth migration using OpenLDAP 2x

Get the src rpm from rh 7.1. They supply migrationscripts that I would guess are compatible with 2.x since they supply 2.x. :)

PS: Make sure this is not a schema issue!
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From: "Mike Eheler" <meheler@searchbc.com>
To: <openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org>
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 8:21 AM
Subject: System auth migration using OpenLDAP 2x

> I've read that PADLs Migration scripts are incompatible with the current 
> version of OpenLDAP. I've tried them and can verify that they don't like me.
> Is anyone aware of a similar set of scripts, or perhaps some 
> well-written documentation, that can help me migrate my system 
> authentication to an OpenLDAP 2.0 install (running on Mandrake 8.0)?
> Thanks,
> Mike