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Re: Openldap Testimonials ? (was Re: openldap performance numbers vs

"Michael Cunningham" <archive@xpedite.com> wrote...
> Yes I agree this is all hardware dependant since openldap runs
> on pretty much any Unix but Netscape DS only runs on solaris.


> Can anyone related their experiences running openldap with
> greater then 20k or 30k entries? We are planning on using it for
> single sign on essentially. Basically I am looking for real world
> testimonials. Has it performed well for you? Is it stable? What
> OS do you run it on?

we're running openldap1.2.11 with about 400k entries in one db (about 500k
soon..) here on two sp2-silver-nodes running AIX4.3.3 for authentification
of our mailusers.
anotherone is working with the same users (though some other attributes..)
as a master ldapserver for 2 oracle-ldap servers, (oid) which are used for
our single sign on system. so far, we didn't have any problems due to the
quite high amount of entries in the db. performance is ok (we get about 3M
requests / day from pop3 only..) although we're running slapd
singlethreaded, cause we got problems with multithreading on AIX (memory
leak..) and we needed a fast solution.. (hell, i know it uses only one cpu..
>:o/) yesterday we ran out of "power" (CPU at 0% idle) due to some dns
problems, which decreased speed of everything terribly.. but on the other
side these servers are really solid as a rock.. :o)
we also set up 2 ldapservers with about 1.5M entries (openldap 2.0.7,
multithreaded, Solaris8, for a mailserver too, i can't remember the hardware
at the moment) for another company around here, but this didn't go into
production till now, so i don't know how it will behave "at work".. though,
slapd didn't crash instantly.. :o)