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Re: ldapadd still slow, even with tweaks?

On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 04:42:25PM -0400, Justin Hahn wrote:
% Why don't you just do as follows:
% 1) DO the add without indexing. 
% 2) Copy files off somewhere else.
% 3) start server up pointing at that new place with indexes off (performance
% will be horrible.) and in read-only mode.
% 4) run slapindex with it pointing at the "real" database (i.e. the first
% copy, not the dupes)
% 5) When slapindex finished bring down slapd and then restart it in full r/w
% mode pointing to the fully indexed directory.
% (don't forget to hand copy the new fully indexed databases to all your
% replicas if you have any and restart them one by one.)

I think I'll wind up doing this; thanks to everyone who offered advice.

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