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Re: Openldap Testimonials ? (was Re: openldap performance numbers vs NS)

A little more info.. 

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Michael Cunningham wrote:

> > > Can anyone related their experiences running openldap with greater 
> > > then 20k or 30k entries? We are planning on using it for single sign 
> > > on essentially. Basically I am looking for real world testimonials. 
> > > Has it performed well for you? Is it stable? What OS do you run it 
> > > on? 
> > 
> > To relation to the above, how many customers are on YOUR site? 
> > (Translation: how big of a project is this going to be -applied- to?)
> We have close to 300 solaris/linux servers and 600 windows desktops that I
> plan on authenticating/access control off of 9 ldap servers (1 being master). 
> 9 because I want two in each geographic location and a couple extra at 
> our main location. I was thinking about using dual proc (fast as I can get) 
> linux servers for these machines. I would also like to route mail based on
> ldap using sendmail. The mail load will probably be 1k emails per hour.
> Its gonna be a pretty decent size setup. 

Thanks.. Mike