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Re: Using Name Server .

> My application ( written in C ) has the IP address of the LDAP server
> hardcoded which is not a good idea .So, can i use a Name Server to get the
> IP of the machine where the LDAP server is running so that i  can bind to
> that dynamically in my application ? If so , any suggestions how to do so ?

Using "SRV" resource record defined in RFC2872, You can do this.

For example, assume that you have defined following record.
> _ldap._tcp.your.domain.  SRV  10 10 389  ldapserver.your.domain.
You can retrieve this information by this query (using nslookup);
> nslookup -type=SRV _ldap._tcp.your.domain
then you will get you want.

To do this, you will need latest version of BIND or alike.

Best regards.

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