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Re: Openldap and PAM_LDAP

>I´m alittle bit confused now :-)
>I have openldap 2.0.7 and the "-H" switch is not available in ldappassd !
>Is it possible in this version to set the default auth method in
>slapd.conf ?
>What´s the correct syntax ?

if you have 2.0.x you should enter something like this in slapd.conf

password-hash {CRYPT}

man slapd.conf

password-hash <hash>
          The <hash> to use for userPassword generation.  One  of
          {SSHA}, {SHA}, {SMD5}, {MD5}, and {CRYPT}.  The default
          is {SSHA}.

>I tried to translate this in the new version - but I to stupid :-))
>Sorry  - I´m very unexperienced with openldap...

i also have a lot when changing form 1.2.11 to 2.0.x. Seems to be normal...

good luck,