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Re: Replication for high availability?

On Thursday,  9. August 2001 04:48, David Wright wrote:
> (This question is unrelated to my other posts.) My LDAP server went was
> down for ~hour today, which caused chaos at my site, because it does
> login authentication. I would like to avoid such problems in the future
> by setting up a cheap box that replicates its database and could be used
> in its place. The trouble is, how do I configure my client machines to
> use the slave in the event of the master's failure? Can anyone suggest
> some neat trick involving DNS or virtual interfaces or some such magic?

there is tricky thing needed, if cou can change your client config. Just 
enter all hosts (space separated) in your ldap.conf (or wherever the 
application that uses LDAP takes its configuration from). The ldap_init() API 
function can handle multiple hosts this way. If the leftmost connection 
fails, the following connection is used. You should only make sure that the 
master is not in a "half dead" state where it allows LDAP connections but 
doesn't answer properly (but that't the really tough thing with failover)...

Stephan Siano

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