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TCP Wrappers on Linux (RedHat 6.2)


I'm trying to make use of the TCP Wrappers to restrict access to my slapd,
but am not having any luck.

I compiled with --enable-wrappers, and the configure did find tcpd.h OK ...

But nothing seems to work right, no matter what I put in hosts.allow all
connections are accepted!
(I usually restict by specifying what hosts to allow, and all others should
be denied, right?)

I switched the debugging to max (-1) and looked through the logs, but didn't
see anything indicating whether it tried to call libwrap.a or anything like
that. Everything seems to get accepted.

libwrap.a is in /usr/lib, so I don't think it's a problem of not finding it!

I even tried re-compiling with reverse lookups, and that didn't help either


Thanks a bunch,

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