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Re: Schemacheck Off in slave mode

At 01:21 PM 8/5/2001, Marc Langer wrote:
>in my understanding the "schemacheck off" option should make the
>server accept every attribute, even if it is not configured in the
>schema files, is that right?

no.  schemacheck off does not disable any attribute type
rules.  It disables certain object class rules, in particular
schemacheck off objectclass MUST/MAY checks.

>I am using an openldap server as slave, which is updated by a
>Netscape Directory Server 3.6. If there is any undefined attribute
>(Netscape does support this with schemacheck switched off) the
>update failes und I am left with an incomplete tree: all entries
>after the failing entry are missing :-(
>Is there any way to avoid this?

Define your attribute types.