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Re: Cyrus-IMAPD and LDAP

Tarjei Huse wrote:

> Hi, this prolbem seems to come because cyrus demands that you use tls when
> authenticating using the PLAIN mechanism, thus the process stops when using
> pam-ldap and cyrus 2.x. I suggest using the sasl-ldap patch for now,
> hopefully ldap will be supported in the up and comming cyrus-sasl 2.0
> package.
> Tarjei

I just looked at the sourcecode of cyrus-sasl-2.0.3-BETA, and there doesn't
seem to be any available ldap support (directly, not through pam) in it. Maybe
the authors of the ldap patches can contact the cyrus-sasl author to get
direct ldap support in it. Would make life easier for many of us.