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Re: ldapsearch in OL 2

Matthew Palmer wrote:

> I've recently migrated from 1.2.12 to 2.0.11, and have suddenly found that
> certain LDAP search filters now refuse to function.  I'm assuming that I
> don't have the right indexes or EQUALITY matches, but I have no idea what I
> should be adding.
> The search I'm trying to perform is as follows:
> ldapsearch -x '(memberuntil<=200108)'
> the memberuntil attribute is defined in my schema as follows:
> attributeType ( NAME 'memberUntil'
>         EQUALITY numericStringMatch
>         SYNTAX )
> I tried to add an ORDERING numericStringOrderingMatch but slapd didn't like
> it - complained there was no such type.  ORDERING numericStringMatch was
> worse - slapd didn't complain, but crashed quietly as soon as I performed a
> <= search.
> The memberuntil attribute is not indexed at all, but I believe it shouldn't
> matter - the query will just take longer.  Is that correct?
> So, I'm at a loss.  I'd really appreciate someone with more experience in
> this to provide me with an answer - how do I make my <= searches work as
> expected?

Looks like the numericString stuff in 2.0.11 is broken; it's bben fixed
in REL_ENG_2. However, in your case, i think you'd better use
'generalizedTimeMatch' and 'generalizedTimeOrderingMatch'


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