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Re: ICMP: Port Unreachable error

Hey Erwin,

Wednesday, August 01, 2001, 5:16:58 PM, you wrote:

EH> Hi,

EH> I installed OpenLdap on a RH7.1 linux box and everything works fine, as long
EH> as I 'stay' on that box. As soon as I want to connect from an other box I
EH> get an ICMP 'port unreachable' error although `netstat -an` tells me that
EH> somebody is listening on port 389!

I don't use netstat, but wouldn't slapd be "listening" on port 389?  I think
you should be looking for connection lines.

EH> My gut feeling is that I missed a security setting somewhere but I can not
EH> figure out where. I looked through all the manuals, docs, FAQs, etc. I could
EH> get my hands on but no luck so far.

I'm guessing that something is being firewalled.  Check that the remote host
can send out to 389.  Then check that the machine with slapd doesn't have
some tcp wrappers settings preventing access, or any other sort of
firewalled activity.  Maybe run a port scan and see if it can at least be

EH> Any help is highly appreciated.

EH> Regards,

EH> Erwin