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Getting started, little directional help please

Greetings All:
   Was hoping some one here could point me in the right direction. Currently
I am looking to implement Directory service using LDAP. Initialy I just want
to have an address book that is accessible from squirrlemail, netscape and
possibly outlook. Now I have downloaded and compiled version 2.0.11 and am
using Berkly for the back end. As far as the configuration goes, I think I
have that up and running fine (good enough for a simple addressbook, ie no
ssl).  Now from what I can tell I am going to need to use the "mail"
attribute, none of the default obectclasses use this? I feel like i might be
missing something, though it just may be how it really is. Now I checked the
FAQ and "implementation HOWTO", did a little searching on the archives, but
I got a number of hits due to how common the word is. I am currently getting
ready to create my own objectclasses, but it seems as though I need to
register to get myself an OID. Its starts hitting me, this is allot of steps
to go through to get a addressbook working, hence this email. Am I headed in
the wrong direction? I am going to do something close to what was in
"Implementation HOWTO" for netscape and Outlook (figure I'll worry bout them
first then see how squirrelmail looks up the data). Also from these docs it
looks as though i am going to need to have 2 separate OU's for netscape and
Outlook (a third for SQ mail?). This doesn't seem right either, do you alias
these some how? Any docs you can point me toward would be great, any books
that you recommend also ( i did a search on this as well a message from 1999
was what I found, hoping there is some newer stuff out there.)  Thanks for
any help you can through my way!

--Randy Schapel