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versions 1.2.11 and 2.0.11

I am currently testing both versions but am finding it much more difficult
to make 2.0.11 work with programs like proftpd, courier and several others. 
I can't even do a ldapsearch from the 2.0.11 server to one of the 1.2.11 
servers but I can search the 2.0.11 from all the 1.2.11 servers.  
ldap_bind: Protocol error
        additional info: version not supported
The 2.0.11 version works find locally until I try to use it for 
authentication for other programs.  I'm sure it's doable but just not as
easy as with 1.2.11.

I suppose that is why there are two versions. :-)  Is there a major downside
to taking the easy way out and standardizing on 1.2.11 that I have missed?


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