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Re: Re[2]: How can i solve...

"Pavel Stepchenko" <mcfly@jet.msk.su> wrote...
> Hello Richard,
> Wednesday, August 01, 2001, 6:59:27 PM, you wrote:
> RH> If you're having problems with openldap crashing then this probably
> RH> the right list.
> slapd is up, sendmail is up.
> search user 'test' in ldap - is OK.
> send mail for user test - from time to time sendmail say "user
> unknown"

aaah, ok ok, you didn't say _this_.. :o)
("if  slapd if dont'answer on request's (is down, for example),")
don't mind..

so, if slapd _is_ crashing, you're right here in this list..
try to examine, what happens (has slapd been restarted maybe, after you
noticed the error, or isn't it running at all then..) and try to give more
if slapd is running and everything seems to be ok, and sendmail despite
doesn't deliver sometimes.. uhm.. watch the log of sendmail.. does it last
very long to search for the entry..? maybe there's a timeout then.. did you
index your attributes correctly..? do you have very much users in the db..?