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RE: Base64 Encoding?

I'm not sure I understand.  This string as a Base64 encoded version of the
ACTUAL content.

I'd expect slapadd to detect this (By seeing the "::") and decoding it
before inserting into the database.
The decoded string is probably just tsraight text, but that was lead with a
space or something.  It's not binary data that's for sure.

The street attribute is indeed SYNTAX'ed as a UTF-8 Encoded string, but that
doesn't mean that it couldn't be Base64 encoded first ...

Are you suggesting slapadd doesn't detect the "::" and Base64 encoding, and
therefore expects a straight UTF-8 string?


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> From: 	Michael Ströder[SMTP:michael@stroeder.com]
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> Sent: 	Tuesday, July 31, 2001 12:09 PM
> To: 	Doyon, Jean-Francois
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> Subject: 	Re: Base64 Encoding?
> "Doyon, Jean-Francois" wrote:
> >
> > Now the slapadd command is choking on Base64 encoded attributes! Take
> the
> > following entry (With sensitive data altered):
> > [..]
> > street:: NjE1LCBydWUgQm9vdGgsIDZl98l0YWdlLCBwaehjZSA2NTA=
> It's choking on your NON-ASCII data which seems to be some
> ISO-charset.
> It has to be UTF-8 encoded Unicode.
> Ciao, Michael.