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Re: Openldap and Solaris 8

Title: RE: Openldap and Solaris 8

check out www.padl.com for PAM/NSS libs that will work much better than the native sun libs

Sun says that you should take their nss_ldap & pam_ldap modules.
I've tried it out with nss_ldap-166, nss_ldap-163 and pam_ldap-122. I had unfortunately no result. (compilation was alright)
Furthermore I could not telnet my machine anymore when I installed nss_ldap_xy. So I gave up and I am now trying to get this to work with the orginal sun-modules. Hopeless.
But there are indeed gurus who did it but I wonder how they did !??
Should finally take Linux but my boss likes Sun and their professionalism...