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Re: Hi Please help on back-sql...

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From: "sajida kalsoom" <sajida@advcomm.net>
To: "Dmitry Kovalev" <mitya@seismic.geol.msu.ru>;
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 12:53 PM
Subject: Re: Hi Please help on back-sql...

> Dmitry!
>  I have checked the ODBC connection of mysql server without the ldap
> server.. its working fine. no threading issue. Should I insert a values in
> meta tables before running the slapd?

Of course - this is part of configuration...

> Also if the tables are empty then
> there should be some appropriate errors messages instead of  such
> problem .

There of course should be, that's why back-sql is still considered
"experimental" - there is still a lot to do before it can be stated as
production version. But since current version was developed, I had no more
time to improve it, although there was a lot in todo list. And it is
unlikely that I will have more time in foreseeable future. So maximum I can
at this time is just provide some advice, and coordinate contributions.

If you are shure your problem is there, and can provide a patch - please do,
I will gratefuly commit it :)

Moreover, if somebody wishes to complement back-sql development, and
provides clever, ready-to-go patches constantly - it will be much easier to
ask Kurt give him/her commit permissions, so they won't have to go through
me every time.

Speaking of good patches - I am planning to commit one in a few days,
provided by Sam Drake and Rajen Damani from TimesTen. It should improve
out-of-box performance of back-sql VERY much.

WBW, Dmitry