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Re: LDAP help..

www.linuxdoc.org check the ldap implementation howto. It's a bit outdated, but ok.
for contacts, check out rolodap.sourceforge.net (or search for rolodap)
for samba integration: www.samba-tng.org/docs.html
also, if you do rh 7.x ldapintegration is a part of the package.
for migration and pam-ldap thngs check ut www.padl.com
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From: Nomego
Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2001 12:14 AM
Subject: LDAP help..

Hi, I wonder where I would get a guide or something to a place where I can learn how to setup my LDAP server to handle LDAP address books for Outlook, login authentication through PAM/LDAP, and more.