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Re: Old Version Question

João Lopes wrote:

> Hi all.I am having trouble performing a search for: dnValue=*Po*on
> openldap 2.0.7.The search returns 0 entries found.dnValue in an
> attribute.On my ldap tree, there are several entries that match the
> query, including:o=BS Portugal, c=PT, r=Grupo SantanderBTW, the
> following search works on both versions: dnValue=*The same search on
> version 1.2 works fine.Is this a 2.0.7 version problem, or do I need
> to configure something?Any help is welcome.Thank you.John

I assume dnValue is a dn-valued attribute. In such case, it doesn't
any substring search. Note that '(dnValue=*)' is not a substring filter,
a presence filter (matches if an attribute dnValue is present,
regardless of
its value). See for instance RFC 2254:

>    Note that although both the substring and present productions in the
>    grammar above can produce the "attr=*" construct, this construct is
>    used only to denote a presence filter.

The search returns success with no results because a malformed filter is
reported as an error, as of RFC 2251 (correct me if I'm wrong):

>      Servers MUST NOT return errors if attribute descriptions or matching
>      rule ids are not recognized, or assertion values cannot be parsed.


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