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again autofs and OpenLDAP integration

Hello everybody!

I'm running SuSE 7.2 with openldap 2.0.11 and autofs-3.1.7.

I'm not shure if this is the right list to post my question to. However,
I've read the postings about autofs and OpenLDAP integration by Jehan
Proaccia and Nalin Dahyabhai in this list. So please forgive me for
nagging again.

Because I don't have a schema with objectClass: automount I tried using
the nis schema. Somewhere on the internet (i forgot the adress) I found
a hint for achieving this.
    [Basically it says that you have to replace objectClass: automount
with objectClass: nisObject and automountInformation with nisMapEntry in
the sources of
    autofs (it's in modules/lookup_ldap.c).]

At this point my automounter started up with LDAP for the first time:
(Before this it didn't start at all):
    /usr/sbin/automount /misc ldap

When I do a `ls /misc/cd` it doesn't work.
    [I have the same Problem as mentioned in the postings of Jehan
Proaccia: lookup(ldap): got answer, but no first entry for
    (n.B.: it's nisObject here because I use the nis schema!). I have an
entry of the form
cn=cd,nisMapName=auto.misc,dc=mathematik,dc=uni-trier,dc=de. So I
    presume this is not source of the error. Probably I misconfigured
something else because I lost the exact description of how using the nis

 I think it would be better to start again with the schema used the
recent postings. So does anybody know where to get a schema with
objectClass: automount? Or has anyone seen the description of using the
nis schema for autofs with OpenLDAP?

Thanks for your help,

Christian Michels <ChristianMichels@web.de>