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syslog on Solaris7

Hi, all:
I have tried to use slapd's syslog on Solaris7(openldap-2.0.11), but I failed. In the
Linux platform, I can achieve this goal, Could anyone give me some help? Thanks in advance!
The Steps I run are as follows:
1.  Add the following into /etc/syslog.conf
local4.*                /nfs/openldap/ldap.log
2. re-initial the syslogd
3. Shutdown my OpenLDAP server
4. restart my OpenLDAP server
5. execute some search commands
However, I can't find the LOG file ldap.log in /nfs/openldap, Could you tell me about your successfull experience?
Shih-Chang Wang
Associate Researcher
Internet & Multimedia Application Tech. Lab.
ChungHwa Telecom Laboratories
E-MAIL: purewang@cht.com.tw
TEL: 03-4245340
FAX: 03-4201244