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Migrating iPlanet to OpenLDAP - question 2

Title: Migrating iPlanet to OpenLDAP - question 2


I don't really have the same problem as you do, but I do have a question along the same line. After reading the docs on openLDAP, my main concern is regarding the access control definition. Netscape Directory Server stores its access control rights in the main schema, whereas OpenLDAP stores the ACI in 'slapd.conf'. Now imagine if an application wants to add/modify the aci during runtime, would the server need to restarted every time there's a change in the config file? In other words, am I allowed to dynamically change the aci definitions w/o restarting the server?

thanks in advance
-- Ankur

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Subject: Migrating iPlanet to OpenLDAP

Hi All,

I am currently running Netscape iPlanet, and wish to try to move to OpenLDAP
using and exported LDIF from Netscape. Unfortunately I am not able to import
(ldapadd) the LDIF from Netscape into OpenLDAP. I setup the config
identically, but still get errors such as DSE already exists, and invalid
credentials, depending whether or not I cut some information from the LDIF..

Does anyone know if this is possible, and where I might be able to find more

Thanks a lot.