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Re: slurpd installation problems

Derek Mailer wrote:

> I have recently installed openldap 2.0.11 (compilled from source) on
> red hat 7.0 This is the second time i have installed it, following the
> installation guidelines in the administrator's guide.  Slapd is
> working fine, but I cannot find slurpd anywhere on my system.  Do I
> have to specifically compile openldap with slurpd?  i assumed slurpd
> would be installed along with slapd!? Any help would be grately
> appreciated Thanks, Derek

That's probably because on RH7.0 you cannot compile OpenLDAP
with threads (as threads are broken on that release of RH) so, since
slurpd needs threads, it is not compiled by default. If you specifically

require it, the configuration will fail saying you don't have threads.

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